Our Team

PCH (Pamela Cowan Heugatter)

RCH (Robbie Charles Heugatter)

23 years operations management experience

• 10 years in commercial property management

• 13 years in office management for both Small and Big Business


• 25 years automotive industry experience

• 5 years in Dealership training and consulting

• 20 years in software sales and operations analysis



Our Services

Once hired, PRCH will use our custom six step process to make sure your business takes flight.  We'll develop and implement a custom program designed to fit your specific business and needs. The program will define responsibilities for both parties, set timelines, and give measurable goals to determine progress. PRCH will then engage your employees in the program and work diligently to resolve your pain points. You'll be proud as a peacock once we're through!


Our Story

As with most American dreams, many things had to happen in order for PRCH to be born.  Pamela and Robbie worked for many years to get into a position to start their own company.  Pamela switched from office management to commercial real estate management, and then began consulting in 2010 after the collapse of the commercial real estate market in Las Vegas.  For 25 years, Robbie worked as a consultant and sales rep for a major software provider in the automotive industry.  In March of 2016, all the stars aligned, and PRCH was founded.


Pamela and Robbie both have over 20 years of experience in helping business owners and managers improve performance and profitability.  Thus, offering those services directly was a simple shift in the way we approached our customers.  The duo was already in the habit of using ‘PR’ when winning trivia games at their current watering hole, and using their initials, PCH and RCH, otherwise.  Therefore, the company name was derived simply from their combined initials, Pamela Cowan Heugatter and Robert Charles Heugatter.


P-R-C-H when combined sounds like “perch”, which is defined by Merriam-Webster as a “vantage point” or “prominent position”, as well as a “roost for a bird”.  Pamela and Robbie have helped many businesses move into more prominent positions, and so the bird theme came to be.  Besides, everyone knows that the bird is the word.

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