The Automotive Division of PRCH Management helps new and used car dealers solve current issues through consulting and software solutions.  With 25 years of experience working with car dealers across the country, we have assisted dealers in becoming more efficient and profitable by understanding their goals and offering solutions to help achieve those goals.


Services can include:

  • Cost control for dealers of all sizes
  • Increase new and used vehicle sales volume
    • Use technology to know your consumers before they walk into your store or use your website
    • Know which makes and models consumers are considering
    • Contact them at the appropriate time with the appropriate message
  • Get the most out of your credit bureau dollars
    • Don't pay for additional services from each of the credit bureaus when one source will suffice.
    • Use a single portal to manage all of your credit reports.
    • Take advantage of Soft Pull technology to know more about your customer.
  • Consultative Sales
    • Offered to businesses interested in an independently contracted sales force to sell their products either directly (sell) or indirectly (referral).

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