PRCH Management provides outsourced Chief Operations Officer services to small businesses.  Operations issues do not arise overnight, and they are not solved overnight.  Our engagements range from 2 weeks to ongoing depending on your business needs.  Our goal is to work ourselves out of job in that we work for you less and less after the initial service and even help you find a full time COO when your business is ready.


We meet with small business owners to determine current goals and pain points.  Next we perform a Bird’s Eye View analysis, where we spend a few days observing staff with those goals and pain points in mind.  We then provide a list of our findings with recommendations based upon both those goals and best business practices.  We'll work with you to create an individualized action plan and begin the exciting flight path to improve your business operations.


Our COO services include a bevy of services including, these can be performed as a stand alone service, but the services are intended to easily segue into each other:

  • Document Preparation
    • Will be offered as needed and will include either the creation of a new document or the updating of existing document.
  • Vendor Audit & Expense Analysis
    • Detailed audit of all vendors being used by a business (i.e. all operating costs), but might be specific to a subset of vendor services (only costs of good sold).
  • Contract Administration
  • Job & Labor Efficiency Audits
    • Detailed audits of all staff operations. Job audits are ideal for companies experiencing growing pains.
  • Project Implementation
    • Implementing new projects, programs, processes. Or, it can be as simple as just doing the research.
  • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Technical writing and operations manuals
  • Facility Analysis
  • Real Estate Operations Analysis
    • Offered to help both owners and managers of commercial real estate.
  • Pre & Post Satisfaction Surveys
  • Consultative Sales
    • Offered to businesses interested in an independently contracted sales force to sell their products either directly (sell) or indirectly (referral).
  • Employee Training Programs

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© 2017 - PRCH Management - All Rights Reserved

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