Our Founding Story



As with most American dreams, many things had to happen in order for PRCH to be hatched.  Pamela and Robbie worked for many years to get into a position to start their own company.  

Pamela switched from office management to commercial real estate management, and then began consulting in 2010 after the local market collapse.  For 25 years Robbie worked as a consultant and sales representative for Reynolds & Reynolds (a major software provider in the automotive industry).  

In March 2016 all the stars aligned to allow Pamela and Robbie to fly the coop, so to speak.

Pamela & Robbie both have over 2 decades of experience in helping business owners and managers improve performance and profitability.  Thus, offering those services directly was a simple shift in the way we approached our customers.  

This dynamic duo was already in the habit of using "PR" when winning trivia games at the local watering hole and using their initials, PCH and RCH, otherwise.  Therefore, the company name was derived simply from the combined love they felt for each other and the passion for improving net profitability.  And so PCH and RCH became PRCH Management.