Fun Facts & Special Offers

Founding Story

Henderson Operations Management

Click on the picture above to read about how PRCH Management got its start, and why we say "perch" instead of listing our initials, P-R-C-H.

Henderson Chamber Offers

Henderson Chamber of Commerce
Henderson Operations Consulting
Las Vegas Operations Consulting

If you are also a member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce then check out our M2M discounts.

Right now we are offering :

  • Auto Dealers: 5% Discount per Tile
  • All Businesses: Vendor Audit Service at $150/vendor


Operations Consulting
Auto Dealer Solutions

Want to know why the bird is the word?

Listen to our customers tell you how they "got perched" with PRCH Management services.

Bird's Eye View

The Bird is the Word
Bird's Eye View
Eagle Eye

This amazing shortened video lets you see what Pamela does for your business.  She has an eagle eye, seeing things you cannot until she tells you what she's observed in your business and staff.  

PRCH Management gives you a bird's eye view of your business.

We now offer...

Henderson Business Management
Business Management Services

Please note that our services are exclusively for businesses.  

We are excited to announce that we now offer Rodent Deterrent to our automotive dealers.

The Bird is the Word


Did you know that birds can get drunk?

Robins sometimes will flock to fermented berries, which they eat.  By ingesting large quantities they appear to be drunk and exhibit behaviors such as falling over while walking.