Operations Consulting


Business Owner's Manual

  • Are you ready to retire?
  • Are your employees cross-trained?
  • Do you want to improve the value of your business before selling it?
  • Do you have a new investor / business partner?
  • What will happen to your business if you get sick?

We can prepare a comprehensive manual for your business, to include SOP, forms, checklists, all delivered in both hard and soft copy formats.

Vendor Audit
Expense Analysis
Operations Consulting

Vendor Audit & Expense Analysis

We take budgeting to the next perch with an in-depth analysis of your expenses.  We make sure your business doesn't go the way of the dodo bird (extinct).  We have saved companies millions over the years with our comprehensive audit services.

Standard Operating Procedures
Employee Training

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Do you need an employee training guide?  
  • Do you need a checklist for your employees in the field?  
  • Are you tired of repeating yourself to your employees?
  • Is one of your employees about to retire?
  • Do you want to take a business-worry-free vacation?  

If you can answer maybe or yes to any of the above questions then our SOP Services are your solution.

You don't have to imagine what we can do for your business - call us to get perched today.

Additional Operations Consulting Services

Project Management

Whether the project is for tenant improvements, a new training program, or to implement a new software, PRCH Management is ready to manage your project from start to finish.

Document Editing

Have an existing document you want to publish?  We can review it for common spelling and grammatical errors as well as ensure the contents are in line with your objectives.

Contract Administration

Paying bills on time is not the only requirement of a contract.  Let PRCH Management help you properly administer contracts to ensure you are getting top quality for your money.

Job Audits

Do you wonder if your staff is working as efficiently as they could be?  Do you think you need to hire another employee?  We can help perform job audits for all kinds of purposes depending upon your needs.

Facility Analysis

Is your lease about to expire?  Are you paying too much for rent?  Do you need better airflow in your office?  PRCH Management can analyze your existing location to determine if it properly meets your needs, and help you find a better location if it doesn't.

Endless Operations

The list of operations consulting services we can provide is extensive.  No matter your industry, we can help resolve your operational hurdles with a customized plan designed just for your business and its goals.